A.I.M. celebrates its Ruby[40th] Anniversary

By Vishnu Hathiramani
Munnabhai M.B.B.S or Munnabhai A.I.M?

Asia is the next hotbed of trade and activities, of consumer spending power, of education and technology, and  of unlimited opportunities.

India is the flavor of the world.  Multinational companies’ line up to review Indian students C.V.’s few months in advance of their graduation month.  Indians now have replaced many 4C’s head than ever before. The 4 C’s are CEO, CFO, Country Managers and Company heads. There are now 4 Indians in the top 10 Forbes Billionaires list.

Philippine has amazed the world. It is now the 4th largest country in the world with inward remittances in the overseas employment category, despite the fact that its population is much smaller than 10’s of countries. It’s rapid progress and capturing of BPO overseas companies who have put up their centers in the Philippines has changed the entire set up of the countries. It is now truly being Sleepless in Manila, with the number of call centers operating at the night time.

A.I.M. or the Asian Institute of Management has just commemorated its 40th founding anniversary. It   has in its 4 decades turned our developing professional entrepreneurial, socially responsible leaders and managers who have definitely excelled world standards.

34,000 graduates, representing over 70 countries are AIM’s testimony to the world. They lead with dedication, responsibility, displaying exceptional and outstanding quality. They have come out as heroes of the world. The present student population of AIM has over 50 % Indians in its roster.

The week long celebration highlights the honor of senior Jubilarian, acknowledgment of selected host MBM classes, Faculty Emeriti and Triple A Awardees. 5 top AIM Artifacts will be awarded.

It’s not all work and no play at AIM. On Thursday March 6, they had a cultural show in AIM. Friday got them all high on High street, in the City of Taguig. Local talents such as Rachel Alejandro, Groove Manila, Sold out Band, and acoustic performance by Cookie Chua impressed all. Raffles were won by many.

And Munnabhai?  Who is he? Munnabhai is the hero of an Indian super film entitled MUNNABHAI MBBS, who proved that love surpasses medical rules and regulations and even education in dealing with patients. In the cultural show, one of an AIM Indian student produced a video film showcasing the AIM student’s talent with the theme song of Munnabhai.

It just proved that Love and education are both instilled in each and every student of AIM.

Congratulations to the Asian Institute of Management on their 40th anniversary. Long live the relation between India and the Philippines.


Teresita “Tessie” T. Sy, Chairperson of Banco de Oro and SM Group of Companies, is pictured with Indian Chamber of Commerce President Ram Sitaldas and IPPresident Vishnu Hathiramani. She has been invited to be the next speaker at the Indian Chamber of Commerce.