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The Publisher, 62-year old Filipino-Indian businessman Vishnu Hathiramani, takes pride in publishing this website. As an immediate past president of the prestigious [Filipino] Indian Chamber of Commerce, as founder editor of an Indian magazine in the Philippines, founder and incorporator of the biggest Indian social and charity group in the Philippines, and other various activities the publisher was involved in, his love for both the countries has motivated him to become a publisher. He believes that his depth of knowledge, his relationships with various chambers of commerce in the Philippines and government concerned offices, and his treasured knowledge should be used to benefit the two nations. He is also the first Philippine overseas Indian recipient of the OCI card.

He is a businessman, and runs a company under VHV creation. His wife Heena, who is also connected with VHV creation was the former President of the Indian Ladies Club. His son Vishal has taken a very active part in the company and his wife Parveen is a housewife.

He runs two websites:

www.phindia.info which is his contribution to the Philippines and Indian government, and this site is hosted / sponsored by his company.

www.sindhitattler.com is his second website which will accept advertisements so that this website will grow to greater heights and serve the sindhi community worldwide.

He plans to make a Sindhi movie in the year 2011, either to be shot in India or the Philippines, where he has been residing since 1969. He is a Filipino citizen.


5 Brixton Street, Kapitolyo East
1603 Pasig City, Metro Manila, Philippines
Telephone (+63 2) 687-0033 and 851-3518

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    “Why this website?”
    By Mr. Vishnu Hathiramani

    This website was created out of love for India and the Philippines. Monetary consideration has taken a back seat with our intention to complete this website so that the business community can be benefited. Popular Publishing House, owned by Vishnu Hathiramani, a Filipino-Indian has established this website considering the increase trade between India and Philippines. It is no easy task as we shall be updating this very often. Of course, we are looking for sponsors to further help our . . . your . . . site.

    Very soon, you would be able to download Embassies, Immigration and other government forms needed by all of us. You would have a link to about 200 important sites. You will be updated with a list of new comers in the country especially the 4C executives: COO, CEO, CFO and Country-Managers. Rules and regulations, government policies, update and business prospects, profile on important personalities and community development are on the pipeline of this website.

    Many more articles are planned and opinions and suggestions are most welcome. Your concerns or need is the fuel of our website.

    All we say is thank you for accessing our website and comments are most welcomed at vishnu@skybroadband.com.ph or you may call / text me at (632)91783184555.



    From Sangeswar Rao. Mumbai India

    “I went through the website. My hearty congratulations to you on creating a very informative website. You are one of the harbingers creating awareness among the two communities.
    Keep it up”

    From Kamilla [Mira] Hemandas. Manila
    “Congratulations on your most recent publication which is the “Maharajah Business and Community Directory 2008”. It will be a convenient tool to foster communication within the community. Warm wishes.”

    From Nari Gidwani. Manila
    “Beautiful website & layout. Must improve the images with very high resolution”.

    From Mira Malkani, San Francisco USA

    I truly enjoyed reading this website. I am sure everybody must be happy to get all this information. Hats off. I admire this work very much.

    Dear Vishnu Sir,

    I appreciate and congratulate you for the website you have created for the mutual benefits of Indo-Filipino business community and the rest.

    This will go a long way in forging a strong relationship in between both the countries. I am with Mindtree Consulting, Bangalore, working as Principal Consultant on IT.

    I do miss a lot Philippines and blessings of people like you here. Hope I do get to come over to Philippines some day and meet you. Please let me know whenever you are in Bangalore. I would be delighted to meet you.

    Sanjay Jha from Bangalore
    [ now known as Bengalaru ]

    “Wonderful initiative. It will open many new avenues of communication. I will see it. Thanks” Principal Beena Bhardwaj of Mahatma Gandhi International School, Manila.

    “Congratulations on a great website! I’m sure it will prove to be very informative to the wealth of information that can be made through it. You can count on me to be a regular visitor. This certainly counts as another one of your many achievements and contributions to the community. More power to you”

    – Ravi Samtani, Businessman