Pres. Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo : “I am Bullish on India”

May 4 will go down in the history of the Indian Community as a very important day. On this day President of the Philippines Hon. GLORIA MACAPAGAL ARROYO spoke before the members of the Indian Chamber of commerce and the Filipino-Indian community at Hotel Intercon, Makati City.

She came, she spoke and conquered the hearts of the community.

On her introduction by Hon. Peter Favila, the secretary of the Department of Trade, she received a standing ovation which lasted more than 3 minutes. Her statement that she is “Bullish on India” gave a clear picture of RP-INDIA future. A future that would open up more opportunities specially in the Pharmaceutical, I.T. and tourism sectors , and the confirmation of the 5 years validity of the ACR_I card.

And Yes, allowing Pre-approved visa upon arrival for Indian Nationals, which would eventually lead to direct flights between India and the Philippines.

President Ram Sitaldas of the Indian Chamber of Commerce spoke of the similar hope and aspirations of the two countries. He spoke of I.T., Tourism, Pharma Industries and the overseas remittances of both the countries. He agrees with Thomas Friedman that “The World is Flat”, but mentioned that if Thomas saw the world as an I.T. world then he would have called this world “A Triangle World.” The I.T. is dominated by three countries in the world : Philippines, India and U.S.A.

President Arroyo deserves a round of applause. Her hectic schedule included, during the first week of May, many urgent and important activities such as it being the Election period, her confinement of her husband Mike Arroyo at a hospital, her cabinet meetings, and yet she found time to be with the community.

Vip guests included: Hon. Senator Leticia Ramos Shahani, incoming Immigration Commissioner Marcilino Libanan, Hon. Ambassador of India to the Philippines Rajeet Mitter, past Presidents of the Chamber, heads of various Philippine based organizations and foreign chambers and many other important community friends.

Post meeting NBN Television broadcasted her meeting in its entire timing various times over its channel. It must have been seen by millions and millions of Filipinos.

She was appraised by President Sitaldas over the Indian Community’s view of the Philippines, future plans, the chamber’s thrust to bring in more investments, tourism prospects. Past president Vishnu Hathiramani raised the issue of linking up with Bollywood.

President Arroyo shall be visiting India during the end of this year, plans are underway.

The board of the Indian Chamber of Commerce planned this program successfully in a very short period, our Congrats!!!

Thank You Madam President. We love you.